The Books and Paintings of
Bô Yin Râ (signature)

Dear Reader,

If you are interested in what are known as last or final things—the meaning of this life and how to fulfill its purpose, the way in which your present life affects the fate of your soul—you owe it to yourself to read at least one of this author's books. Here you may well find the answers that you seek—answers that are not based on either belief or intellectual understanding but, rather, on the author’s spiritual experience and, ultimately, your own.

The Kober Press Editors

BĂ´ Yin Râ (J.A. Schneiderfranken), 1876-1943, is the author of forty books, originally written in German and published between 1919 and 1939 in Germany and Switzerland. The works of BĂ´ Yin Râ discuss the fundamental questions of human existence: the meaning of this earthly life and the life of the soul beyond this earthly interlude. They are also practical guides to reaching the sublime goal to which all human beings can and should aspire: the reunion with our inner light and awakening to the consciousness of our eternal self.

BĂ´ Yin Râ emphasized personal, inner experience over belief. He encouraged his readers to rely on their own intuition and select from his writings those books and recommendations that will best further their path to inner development. He counseled against withdrawal from the world, asceticism, or the pursuit of unusual powers, teaching instead that the best spiritual exercise is to do one's daily tasks conscientiously, and live life with quiet optimism. Most importantly, he did not seek followers; there is no congregation or dogma for readers of these books.

These are not works of popular culture; they are large in scope and layered in meaning, and offer a beauty and richness of perspective that is rare.

The Kober Press publishes the only English translations of the books of BĂ´ Yin Râ authorized by the Kober Verlag, Switzerland. The Kober Verlag publishes the books of BĂ´ Yin Râ in the original German and has protected their integrity since the author's lifetime.