Excerpts from
Bô Yin Râ's Writings

Once readers begin to feel what I am speaking of, and then allow word and syllable to sink into their being, they shall receive out of their own innermost depths all the help and guidance they may need. — from “About My Books”

Bô Yin Râ is the author of 40 texts originally written in German and published between 1919 and 1939. He died in 1943.

Bô Yin Râ designated 32 of these texts to be a “teaching cycle” and called it Hortus Conclusus or, in English, The Gated Garden. The term “gated garden” refers both to the content of these books and also to the human self: both are gardens and it is up to us to find the keys so that we may unlock the gate and enter. The books are there to help each of us unlock the gate to our own garden.

Bô Yin Râ further designated three books in The Gated Garden teaching cycle as a trilogy containing the core of what he wished to impart to his readers:  The Book on the Living God, The Book on Life Beyond, and The Book on Human Nature. He recommended that these three books be read together and they are a good place to begin.

A word about gender: As was customary in his day, Bô Yin Râ referred to the male gender in his books when addressing both men and women. When speaking of individuals, for example, he uses “he” and “him” although his message is intended for both genders. Beginning in 2014, it has been the policy of The Kober Press to render all of its translations in a gender neutral format. Books published prior to that date, however, still refer to the male gender as a default. It is our goal to eventually revise  all of our translations in a gender neutral format.

Below are links to excepts from Bô Yin Râ’s texts:

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