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Bô Yin Râ:
Inner Voices

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Already mankind's oldest records on this planet tell of individuals who, at certain times, in certain places, and under certain circumstances, would hear “voices” speak to them that no one else could hear; and according to the level of their inner knowledge and the images of their religious faith, they would interpret what these voices said.

For the listener there is no question that the voice that speaks to him proceeds from some external entity he very clearly can distinguish from himself.

Most definitely he would reject the intimation that he was merely speaking to himself and thus transforming his ideas into a personal dramatic “dialogue.” To be sure, there also will be those who in this manner inwardly address themselves, yet are convinced of being guided by some higher spiritual being.

Objective judgment here is only gained through personal experience; much as expert knowledge in the arts is not attained by merely theoretical instruction, but rather by sufficient practice in the field.

Whoever has repeatedly heard real inner voices can no longer be deceived by self-induced interior monologues.

Far more difficult than making this distinction is gaining needed certainty concerning the originators of such inner voices.

Credulity is here all too inclined to trust they emanate from highest spiritual authority, especially
when knowledge still is lacking that unseen entities of the most varied kinds exist which in effect can manifest themselves as inner voices.

Individuals so utterly devoid of pride and arrogance that they appear oppressed by feelings of imagined inferiority, then suddenly become transformed into the perfect opposite; for now they see themselves as “tools of God” and overbearingly demand respect of all the world because of their assumed “elected grace,” quite unaware that by their very conduct they convincingly exhibit the
deceptive nature of the inner voices whichhave gained their trust.

Again and again one can observe that even deeply skeptical natures will throw all caution to the wind the moment they themselves experience things the possibility of which they once had so complacently rejected.

Whatever now that inner voice may say, they trustingly believe; and most unquestionably it is believed if it presents itself as coming from a higher spiritual being, the loftier the better, if not indeed as that of God himself.

If, in addition, the listener hears a message that he is chosen to perform a saintly mission and ought to see himself as one of the “elect,” in order to enrich the world with an especial blessing, then every inclination henceforth to have doubts about that voice is permanently stifled; even though the only fact established at this point is the intrusion of an inner voice, but without any proof it truly is the one it claims to be.

Objectively considered, anyone who hears an inner voice is not unlike a person who receives a phone call from a stranger.

The caller may be no more than a lowly swindler and yet present himself as holding fancy titles and degrees, because he knows full well his chances of succeeding in his criminal design depend on passing as a personality that will inspire confidence in the receiver of his call.

But who on earth, except an outright fool, would ever undertake a consequential task merely at the bidding of a caller on the phone?

Would not anyone with but a shred of common sense seek first of all to get some proof before considering to undertake a task imposed upon him by an unknown voice?

Similarly, anyone who hears an inner voice is being prompted by an unseen caller; nor has he any means of verifying whether what is stated rests on truth; unless, that is, he has already been informed about some typical criteria that instantly unmask all efforts to deceive.

The following will briefly summarize the most important of these telling signs.

First. Whoever thinks he hears a voice that speaks to him within, and which he feels as coming from an unseen source he clearly can distinguish from himself, should bear in mind that there are countless unseen entities of the most varied natures, which are able, under specific conditions, to manifest themselves as speaking inner voices; and, further, that by far the largest part of the invisible intruders who can be heard most easily are of the suspect kind, so that he should make
every effort not to attract their influence.

Very seldom will a truly spiritual being—one by nature of a higher level in the Spirit than are mortal humans—“speak” within a person’s self; and where this rare event occurs in truth, it only is made possible by the advanced degree of spiritual development the one addressed already has attained.

Consequently, if one is not certain of having reached that high degree of spiritual attainment,one resolutely should reject all inner voices, no matter how seductively they try to gain the listener’s trust.

Second, any "voice" experienced as proceeding from an unseen entity is to be ignored at once if the transmitted words are audible not only to the inner, spiritual sense, but also to the physical, external ear.

At best this situation signals a disturbance of the nervous system, which ought not to be taken lightly, so that one promptly should seek medical advice.

Far more serious, however, is the situation if the unseen entities of nature’s unknown side already have succeeded in possessing their hapless human victim to the point that such voices can be heard as physically experienced sounds even when no clinical symptoms of nervous disorders can be diagnosed.

Yet in such cases nothing is accomplished by attempts to fight them; the only thing one here can do is simply to ignore them, consistently,and for extended periods.

Every place and setting is to be avoided that in the past had seemed to favor the speakingof such voices.

While it is surely possible to rid oneself at last of their intrusion, this will depend upon the victim’s firm resolve in future not to pay them the slightest attention, under any circumstances, but to treat them instead like other incidental noises.

In particular, the victim must avoid all signs of showing fear, but likewise ought not to adopt the hostile attitude of someone bent to fight them.

Whatever they may tell, or even “order” the victim to do, one simply must ignore; indeed, one should not even think about the meaning of their messages.

Energetic physical work, a meaningful activity outdoors, congenial company, and, in general, avoiding solitude as far as possible, will prove effective means to rid oneself of the unwanted unseen parasites.

Whoever suffered from this infestation may count himself extremely fortunate if, by virtue of consistently ignoring the phenomena, he finally succeeded in once more being free and master of his senses.

Third, profound suspicion should at once arise when such an inner voice pronounces a command, or tells the victim it addresses about a “task” or “mission” he was chosen to fulfill in life.

Individuals who truly have a task, a mission, or something of that nature to perform in life receive their spiritual commission in a very different, expressly sober, non-mysterious manner; nor would any of them ever be found willing, merely at the prompting of an “inner voice,” to undertake what those demand of them who are the Spirit’s sole authentic agents here on earth.

In summary, it should be stressed that any inner voice should be rejected that speaks of matters other than what will advance the person’s higher spiritual development, illuminate his inner understanding, and make him better as a human being.

Never shall a voice proceeding truly from the timeless realm of Spirit seek to motivate a human being to the end of influencing others in whatever form.

It solely shall assist in the unfolding of a person’s spiritual love toward other human beings. In every case, however, it lets the inwardly instructed pupil freely choose how to express that love in action, according to his powers.

To be sure, authentic spiritual guidance, too, is able to assume the concrete form of spoken inner words, which then the guided person clearly hears in his respective language.

Such inner speaking, however, will always be experienced only in the inmost self—within the human being’s spiritual organism—as if the unknown speaker were indeed the person’s proper self; for solely through the human mortal’s own eternal essence can beings that are truly of the Spirit’s world communicate with humans.

As a result of the grotesque ideas concerning the occult that nowadays are everywhere confusing people’s minds, a veritable thirst for hearing inner voices is created; and the phenomenon enjoys such high demand that many would experience it at any price.

It chiefly is that widespread craving which offers the lemurian parasites of nature’s hidden realm their chance to make themselves important and to produce the things in such demand.

Much like parasites of visible nature, those of her unseen world as well like places best where they can thrive in squalor and decay, or in the dark of moldy corners.

Whoever would remain protected from this unseen brood should thus take care to keep his inner life of thought, imagination, and emotional drives, at all times governed by superiorcleanliness.

Heeding this, one scarcely will fall victim to the hunger for sensations, which has already brought so many to the brink of mental ruin.

Those who truly had become prepared to hear the sound of an authentic spiritual voice, being guided by the Spirit’s highest source, had never felt the slightest interest in hearing “inner voices.” Instead, through many years of strictest discipline their aim had been to root out errors in themselves and to abolish personal shortcomings.

Thus, however, they attained the level at which the Spirit’s timeless love was able to reveal itself within their inmost essence.

But only spiritual voices of such love will truly grant the human being lasting joy.

Only voices from that source can ever guide those seeking light to their eternal goal.

They come without demand, or being summoned, as soon as those who seek the Spirit’s life are able to receive them.

The voices of the physically unseen demonic parasites of nature, on the other hand, are able to reach any human mortal, even those still at the lowest inner level.

Only turning away and totally ignoring them protects against their influence; and all should here take care in this way to secure their own protection.

All must bear in mind that no one else can shield them, and that no other being’s spiritual power, however great, is capable of helping them so long as they still frivolously court the danger.

Only courage and determination consistently to shun them will here invoke the Spirit’s help, wherever it is needed.