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Bô Yin Râ:
Concerning Marriage

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Sexual companionship uniting man and woman in this present life is one thing; a very different thing, however, is true marriage.

Anyone who grasped the essence of the mystery surrounding male and female, a mystery ascending to the inmost realms of Spirit—indeed, unto the Light of the Beginning—will look upon monogamy as sacred, as a bond between one woman and one man that is to last while both shall live on earth.

Blest are those who, in this present life, are married to their timeless spiritual counterpart: the other self with whom they one day shall be reunited to form a single individuation in the Spirit, given they had long ago been one, before their separation owing to the "Fall."

Some may well enjoy this blessing without suspecting their good luck. But it will always be a case of special "luck," because the paths the separated spirits follow are not so parallel in their direction that such reunions could too often come about in life on earth.

In the majority of marriages, the poles that found each other in this present life will not be those that once had been united in the same eternal being.

Yet once they have been joined together, of their own free will, to share this present life, both partners are accountable to cosmic law, and thus are obligated to regard their bond as if, eternities ago, they had in fact existed as a single spiritual being and now were once again united, to live their life as one inseparable human spirit for all time to come.

Here on earth, only those whose spiritual senses have entirely awakened can ever know with certainty whether their companion in this present life is truly their eternal counterpart or not.

In the perplexing labyrinth of earthly life, deceptions beckon at each turn.

Some will regard themselves as "reunited" spirits, such as I here described it, although they will not be in fact; while others might be tempted, owing to the physically acquired differences in their mental and emotional life, to think that they are strangers, yet will indeed be counterparts that once had formed the same eternal being in the Spirit, before their separation.

Not having yet awakened in the Spirit’s life to lucid self-awareness, who would here presume to venture final judgment?


Highest cosmic law therefore demands that all who choose their partner of their own free will resolve to act as if they both were certain that they had once existed as a single spiritual self, and one day shall again be reunited in the Spirit’s world to live that undivided life through all eternity.

Reprehensible is any compact joining man and woman if they are not determined to live according to this charge.

"What you have done to the least of my brothers, you have done it unto me,"—that is how the Master whom the Gospel texts proclaim had once advised his pupils.

But in the same way it is true to say, "Whatever you shall do to the respective male or female counterpart with whom you share your married life on earth, you shall have done that to yourself; but also, most assuredly, to your own eternal counterpart, whether you in truth have found your being’s other half already in this present life—or not.

It is your own eternal self that you are forming in the life you share in marriage here on earth. And the more closely you approach perfection in forming your potential— according to the high demands of your eternal life as a bipolar spiritual being, destined to be joined again in union—the sooner, too, shall you one day be able to exchange the restless way of life in separation for the timeless undivided state that once again restores in you your nature’s other pole, in whom you then shall also find yourself.

Of all the efforts, patience, all the self-restraint your marriage may demand of you, not one iota will be lost; for everything you make your own by virtue of self-discipline will then be yours forever.