The Poetry of Bô Yin Râ


Bô Yin Râ sometimes used poetry to express himself. Here are a few examples:


From Signposts Along the Way, published by the Kober Press in 2021. Translated from Wegweiser, published in German in 1928.

Accept your life just as it is—
Do not feel it should be different
Do not curse a single day
Shoulder all that comes your way
Bless whatever this life brings you
And you will be blessed in turn

From On Prayer,  published by the Kober Press in 2010. Translated from Das Gebet, published in German in1926. The translations below are different from those in the original English publication and were done by Eric Strauss.

Evening Prayer
Contented to rest,
Blessing the quiet,
I welcome night.
The noise, the toil, the press of the day have tired me.
My body and soul seek rest, composure, release.
The tasks of this world are ended.
Turn inward, my soul, to your self.
Learn now to forget the body.
Let it rest on its bed in peace.
Hallowed guardians, holy protectors
Shelter this body from harm.
And you, my soul, pray through the night.

Morning Prayer
Guardian hosts—
Under your holy protection keep this my new day.
Sublime helpers—
Help me, who trusts you, perform the tasks of my day.
Pure my feelings,
So let them remain.
Gathered my thoughts,
So let them remain.
Clear my speech,
So let it remain.
I yield up my thoughts to serve love and compassion.
I yield up my words to serve love and compassion.
I yield up my deeds to serve love and compassion.